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Uber’s Decision To “Deactivate” Driver Over Retweet of Article Goes Viral in Minutes

It all started with a retweet. A recent story regarding the “deactivation” and subsequent reinstatement of an Uber driver in Albuquerque is a useful reminder for employers that, given the widespread use by employees of social media, employment decisions should not only be well thought out, but also should take into account potential negative publicity. During a …

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Apocalypse Averted Again: Preliminary Thoughts on Welcoming Workers Back From the Government Shutdown

As discussed a few weeks ago, the government shutdown had a broad impact on a number of workers in the public and private sectors. Now that the federal government has reopened, employers welcoming back furloughed employees should stand ready to answer worker questions and assuage employee concerns. Below we offer some preliminary thoughts for private employers managing …

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