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A Cheap Website Could Cost Your Firm Millions of Dollars

Lawyers know the value of hiring an experienced, successful lawyer for representation. An inexpensive lawyer that has a small, inexperienced staff and lack of resources may cost less initially, but the long-term results could be disastrous. Web marketing is the same.  While cheap websites are plentiful, the return on investment (ROI) will be minimal since …

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5 Ways to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Right Now

On October 21, I posted an interview that originally appeared on about the latest Google Penguin update andwhat it may or may not have done to affect legal websites. John Jantsch over at the Duct Tape Marketing blog had a good post last week about the 5 ways you can boost your SEO right away, taking …

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Need Ideas for Your Legal Blog? Here’s a Bunch

If there is one thing I hear over and over again from attorneys when it comes to blogging, it’s this:   “What do I blog about?” The reason to have a blog is to establish your authority as an expert in your field of practice. You must keep your target market in mind at all times when …

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Who’s Afraid of Website Data Migration?

Does the phrase “data migration” send chills up your spine? Would the fear of moving content from your old website to a new one hold you back from pulling the trigger on a website project? If you nodded “yes” to either of those questions, you’re not alone. The topic of data migration can be scary …

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10 Free Keyword Research Tools + How to Use Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

An old friend – Google’s free Adwords Keyword tool – has gone off the grid for good, leaving in its place the new Keyword Planner. The Planner is a little more detailed, but still fairly easy to use and still free. A recent post at the blog had a list of 10 free keyword research tools you …

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