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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Violating Attorney Advertising Rules? Depends.

The vast majority of lawyers have a LinkedIn page. Or if they don’t, their marketing department will make them create one eventually. Some use LinkedIn to build their profile and network, others to promote success, articles and speaking engagements. But is a LinkedIn page lawyer advertising and, if so, what must lawyers do to be …

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Is Inconsistent Application Of Social Media Policy Evidence Of Discrimination?

social media map

A District Court in Louisiana concluded recently that a television station’s inconsistent application of its social media policy entitled a terminated employee to defeat summary judgment regarding his discrimination claim. The television station in question, KTBS, had implemented a social media policy that included a prohibition on employees responding to viewer complaints. The station also …

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EMPLOYERS: The #ElderlyChristmasSongs Hashtag Is Trending On Twitter

Social Media Tweet Birds Tweeting

We have posted numerous blogs discussing the need for employers to stay on top of what is trending on the Internet. Why? Because trending topics can sometimes lead to controversial discussions that might not be consistent with an employer’s EEO Policy. As a result, we explained that it would be prudent to understand what may …

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Sell-abrating Sensibly re: Social Media Campaigns

The holiday season is in full swing, which means brand owners and merchants are seizing the opportunity to capture cyber market share via social media campaigns. While social media can be a great way to quickly generate brand buzz, you may want to take heed of the following seven tips to make sure your holiday …

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The Viral Spiral: How An Employee’s Facebook Post Dragged Her Employer Into A Social Media Controversy

connected to the social network with mobile phone. Vector file available.

Instances of deplorable racism have sparked recent protests on the University of Missouri’s campus. Not surprisingly, these protests have received a significant amount of media attention. On Nov. 13, 2015, however, the world’s attention shifted to the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris. We have since been inundated with 24-hour news coverage on developments related to …

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