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Congratulating A Celebrity Could Cost You A Lawsuit re: Right of Publicity and False Endorsement

Ninth Circuit Rules NCAA Violates Antitrust Law-Strikes Down Proposed Remedy

When a celebrity does a good deed or a sports figure achieves a major accomplishment, companies may feel like sending a public “shout out” to that individual – whether it be through a tweet, a Facebook post, or some other media.  However, companies need to be very careful that such a reference to the public …

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The Right Way To Get Free Publicity

  There’s a saying that goes “any publicity is good publicity,” and while I’m not so sure about that, I do know that positive publicity can do wonders for your law firm. But do you know what’s even better than positive publicity? FREE positive publicity.  That’s right, you can get great publicity that won’t cost you a …

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Marketing and PR Social Networking Best Practices

The Business of Law Blog Spot at the National Law Review recently featured Amy Juers of Edge Legal Marketing who shared a great top ten list of Social Networking Best Practices and a great video on businesses implementing social media strategies:  When should your team get involved in social networking marketing tactics, and which sites …

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The Ten Commandments of Drafting a Social Networking Policy

The National Law Review’s featured Guest Bloggers this week are from Steptoe & Johnson PLLC. Vanessa L. Goddard provides some concrete do’s and don’ts for drafting a company Social Media policy.  Read on: You’ve probably heard this “fact”: if Facebook was a country, it would be the fourth largest country in the world! Web 2.0 …

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Is Your Email Service Provider the Best?

This week’s Business of Law Guest Bloggers at the National Law Review are from Duo Consulting.  Sonny Cohen of Duo provides some good specifics on what to look for in an emailing service. We recently received this question from a law firm marketer. I’ve edited it slightly for brevity and anonymity: “Our email service is …

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