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Collaboration That Works: 2017 LMA Technology Conference Midwest

The event will be held on September 25th and 26th at the University Club of Chicago. Check out more about this years Technology Conference Midwest and LMA!   The National Law Review is proud to be this year’s Metabyte Sponsor!

5 Killer Online Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

Certainly by now we can all agree that the Internet has transformed the legal industry, from how you market your law firm to how legal services are delivered. Still, for many lawyers, the Internet is a confusing place with so many options that can either make you or break you. So let me help simplify …

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2016 Update to Top 25 Law Firm Website Clichés to Avoid

As a group, lawyers are quite literal, often too literal for good marketing. As a result, more than half of law firms simply illustrate their website home pages with the obvious icons that represent the general concept of “Law,” like columns, jury boxes, striped books, rowing, and “Smiling Lawyers.” The four most-prevalent explanations seem to be: (1) “Our …

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Seven Ways a Blog Can Help Your Law Practice

For many attorneys, maintaining a blog is like eating kale – we know it’s really good for us, but we just can’t seem to get all excited about it. But if eating kale was the best possible way to get your law firm coffers to overflow status, I bet you would be digging into a plate …

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Gamification in Thought Leadership; not Just a Game: Education, Good Habits and Competition

For the past few weeks, Pokémon Go has been a conversation starter.  The game has made headlines for getting kids out of the house bike riding and taking walks, and everyone seems caught up in the craze.  If you’ve been to a museum, or a park, or a shopping mall lately, you’ve most likely seen …

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5 Ways to Use Email Drip Campaigns to Convert Leads [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is everyone who calls your law firm ready to hire you right away? If someone downloads a free report from your website, does that mean they are ready to commit to hiring you? Not likely. In fact, research shows that more than half of leads are not ready to buy at the time of first …

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Wasted Time and Money: Top 10 Ways Firms Squander Precious Marketing Resources

At the conclusion of a recent presentation I gave to a local bar association, an attorney in the audience asked how law firms are wasting their marketing dollars. “After all,” he said, “our firm only has a limited amount of money for marketing, and I want to make sure we are spending it wisely.” I …

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Law Firm Business Strategies: 4 Keys to Breaking the 7-Figure Barrier

It’s no surprise when laid-off lawyers or law school grads who can’t find a job hang out their own shingles, but there are even more attorneys heeding the siren call to start up their own firm in order to achieve a better work-life balance (if that even exists). You may feel at times that starting …

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Your Guide to Developing Your Personal Marketing Plan…and Why Every Lawyer Should Have One

In my humble opinion, every lawyer in private practice –- regardless of how many years practicing law — should have a Personal Marketing Plan. Here’s why: You Will Seize Control of Your Career Creating and implementing your Personal Marketing Plan enables you to seize control of your career. In time, it puts you in a …

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How to Set a Simple Social Media Strategy for Your Law Firm

With the proliferation of new social media networks and seemingly constant changes to existing ones, attorneys aren’t the only ones confused about how to tackle social media for marketing. Add to that the fact that most attorneys don’t have much time to devote to social media — nor do they have a department of experts …

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