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Massachusetts Appeals Court Ruling: Contractor Justified Not Paying Subcontractor That Refused To Perform Work

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The general contractor on a public demolition project paid nothing to a subcontractor that had performed the majority of its work but refused to perform work that it claimed was outside of its scope of work. The subcontractor sued the general contractor and after cross-motions for summary judgment the Superior Court sided with the general …

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Controlled Burn: Attorney Perspective on Lone Pine Orders

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A Lone Pine order is basically a controlled burn, or it accomplishes the same objective at least.  In theory, it is a “fire” used to prevent the growth or blaze of meritless litigation.  Don’t want a nasty, complex lawsuit to grow or blaze out of control?  Hit it with a Lone Pine order early on …

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Deflategate: A Critique of Judge Berman’s Decision

Close of football on yard line stripe. American Football

By now, almost everyone is familiar with Judge Berman‘s decision vacating Commissioner Roger Goodell’s award upholding a four-game suspension of New England quarterback Tom Brady in connection with the tampering of air levels in footballs during the 2015 AFC Championship game. Judge Berman found that Commissioner Goodell’s award was deficient in the following respects: (1) …

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Jurors Use Social Media To Research Case Details [VIDEO]

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Jurors sometimes use social media sites to research case details, but surprisingly, doing so is not always grounds for reversal of a verdict. This video outlines case examples of this behavior, along with practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of having social media  impact your next case. Article By IMS Expert Services Blog …

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Courts Must Restore Minimal Diversity to Restore Balance of Justice

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Should federal court jurisdiction be expanded, and what effect would an expansion have on the judiciary? Alongside three legal experts, I discussed this question at a panel event hosted by the Federalist Society earlier in June. The discussion kicked off the National Association of Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action’s Restore Our Courts initiative and centered …

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