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HHS Launches Portal Seeking Questions from Mobile Health Application Developers

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On October 5, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched a new platform to enable developers of mobile health technology, as well as others “interested in the intersection of health information technology and HIPAA privacy protection.” OCR notes that there is currently “an explosion of technology …

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HIPAA: Disclosing Exam Results to Employers

Physicians and other providers are often paid by employers to conduct drug tests, fitness-for-duty or return-to-work exams, or employment physicals for employees. In such circumstances, the physician may mistakenly assume that they may disclose the test and exam results to the employer without the patient’s authorization, but that is not correct. As with any other …

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UK Government Launches Cybersecurity Service For Healthcare Organizations

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The UK government has announced a new national service providing expert cybersecurity advice to entities within the National Health Service (NHS) and the UK’s broader healthcare system.  The project, called CareCERT (Care Computing Emergency Response Team), is aiming for a full go-live in January 2016. Acording to recent press releases, CareCERT will: “Provide incident response expertise …

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Medical Record Retention

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I am often asked how long a practice must maintain medical records. The answer depends on the type of provider you are and your risk tolerance. Providers should generally consider the following in establishing their record retention policies: 1. Patient care. The primary consideration should be patient care. Some practices (e.g., oncology) may want to …

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False Claims Act: Do You Really Have Just 60 Days to Repay?

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One of your employees informs you of a potential overpayment from Medicare. Do you really only have 60 days from that point to determine if it is indeed an overpayment and repay it? The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 requires that a person who receives an overpayment of Medicare or Medicaid funds …

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