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Vermont GMO Battle Continues in Second Circuit

The fruit shelf in Leon supermarket.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals is currently in the midst of an interlocutory appeal by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (“GMA”) and others of the District Court of Vermont’s denial of a request for a preliminary injunction against Vermont’s “Right to Know” Act. The Act, passed by the Vermont legislature on May 8, 2014, and …

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Mixing Things Up: Let’s Talk Recipes, Part Two of a Four-Part Series (Patent)

Discussions about protecting intellectual property often focus on cutting-edge technologies, corporate branding campaigns, and widely distributed artistic works like movies and music.  But let’s mix things up a bit.  Follow us through this four-part series as we answer a question that is sure to hit home for anyone with taste buds—can you protect a food recipe?  …

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Settlement Between U.S. Department of Labor and Oregon Blueberry Growers Vacated

In 2012, the Department of Labor accused Oregon blueberry growers of employing “ghost workers” resulting in minimum wage violations. The DOL then issued what is known as a “hot goods order” to block shipment of their product to market until the violations were remedied.  This, of course, created an untenable situation for the blueberry producers as their products were highly perishable. With …

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Supreme Court Will Rule on Whether Agency-Approved Beverage Label Can Be Challenged as ‘False Advertising’ in Federal Court

On January 10, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal by Pom Wonderful LLC against The Coca-Cola Company.  The Court will examine whether Pom can bring a federal Lanham Act false advertising claim against a Minute Maid juice product label that had been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  (Pom Wonderful LLC …

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FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Declines Courts’ Requests to Define “Natural” with respect to GMO (Genetically-Modified Organisms) Foods

The FDA recently issued a letter to three federal district court judges declining the courts’ requests to adopt a definition of “natural” or to state whether the terms “natural” or “all natural” can be used to refer to foods containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) to help resolve pending consumer class actions over the term. The FDA cited three …

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