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Three Reasons Why Lawyers Avoid Business Development

Group of business people and men handshake reflected onto table with documents.

One of the scariest things someone can do is to approach an attractive stranger in a bar and begin speaking.  While there are the limited few with nerves of steel who can talk with anyone about anything, the majority of us humans are actually intimidated by this act.  Why are some of us afraid of …

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Part Three: Tips and Considerations (#11 – 15) before Opening a Fitness Studio or Gym

This article is the third in a three part series on tips and considerations before opening a fitness studio or gym.  For the first article (Tips 1-5), please click here.  For the second article (Tips 6-10), please click here.   Here are tips 11 -15: 11.  Promote Your Studio Cost-effectively.  Bad news: building a membership …

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Part Two: Tips and Considerations (#6 – 10) before Opening a Fitness Studio or Gym

bikram yoga copyright

This article is the second in a three part series on tips and considerations before opening a fitness studio or gym.  For the first article Tips 1-5, please click here.  Without further ado, here are tips 6 – 10: 6. Location, location, location.  In my experience, poor location choice is the #1 mistake that people make when …

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Succession Planning: How to Hand Your Law Firm to the Next Generation

While conducting a year-end review of several client projects I worked on in 2014, I noticed a trend emerging. Though the types of projects and initiatives were disparate, there was a single, shared stumbling block that deterred the work from moving purposefully forward without a hitch. Whether working on new website builds, social media programs, …

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Join Inside Counsel in D.C. Next Week! Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference, Sept 17-19

The National Law Review is pleased to bring you information about Inside Counsel’s Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference. September 17-19, 2014 The Capital Hilton Washington, DC A Unique Conference with a Fresh Format The Only National Forum Facilitating Women-to-Women Exchange on Current Legal Issues.The second annual Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference has a …

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