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“Rails to Trails” or “Rails to Trespass”: Supreme Court Speaks on the Abandonment of Certain Railroad Rights of Way

Last month, the Supreme Court of the United States (please, there is no such thing as the “United States Supreme Court”) decided a very interesting case about easements.  “Easements?”, you ask.  Yes, easements.  We use them almost every day.  Well, every weekend, perhaps.  Greenways.  Rails to trails.  Beach access.  You name it.  Also, the case …

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Delays Electric Quarterly Reports (EQRs) Filing Deadline

On October 10, after many weeks of speculation, the Commission issued an order extending the filing deadline of the 2013 Q3 Electric Quarterly Reports (EQRs) filings from October 31 to “a date to be determined.”  This extension follows a series of similar delays and significant technical issues associated with the revised EQR filing requirements put in place …

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