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Figuring Out Cheryl’s Birthday: Employment Law Edition

First it was the blue and gold dress.  Now, the next viral internet sensation centers on the unlikeliest of events: Cheryl’s birthday.  We thought we’d have some fun and pose it as an employment law question.  See if you can solve it.  No cheating please. Melvin Mack and Melisandre Mulaney are associates in Mason, Moses and Madison …

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Nonprofit Hospitals Face Additional Regulatory Burdens in Financial Assistance and Debt Collection

Roughly 60 percent of hospitals nationwide either have received or are seeking tax-exempt status under the United States Treasury Department (Treasury) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules and regulations. With new final rules and regulations adopted by the Treasury and the IRS effective December 29, 2014, nonprofit hospitals (referred to in the Federal Register as …

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