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Data Breach Case Survives Rule 12 – Sony Employee Negligence Claims Still Kicking

Cloud Security

A familiar refrain of some corporate clients discussing data breaches is: “We’re not a health care company. We also don’t process customer credit card transactions. We really don’t collect protected health information or personally identifiable information from customers in any way. Do we need to be worried about data breaches?” A June 15, 2015 decision from …

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Whistleblower Law Firm Files Amici Curiae Brief in DC Whistleblower Protection Act Case

A Business coach with whistle isolated on white

An amici curiae brief  was filed recently in Tucker v. DC on behalf of the Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association and the Government Accountability Project. The brief urges the DC Court of Appeals to apply the correct burden-shifting framework in DC Whistleblower Protection Act cases.  In Tucker, the trial court gave pretext and business judgment …

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Worse Than Feared… NLRB Reports First Month of Ambush Election Rules Yields More Petitions, Dramatically Quicker Elections

A couple weeks ago came reports from several NLRB Regional Directors that after one month the new Ambush Election Rules union elections were be held in considerably less time, with the Regional Directors claiming elections were being scheduled between 25-30 days.  Last week, according to BNA’s Daily Labor Report and Law 360, the NLRB released national …

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Happy Memorial Day from the National Law Review!

The National Law Review remembers those who have given their lives in service to this great country. We thank all miliary men and women who continue to protect the freedoms the fallen died defending. Please have a safe and happy Memorial Day! the Team at the National Law Review

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OSHA Secures Robust Injunctive Relief for Whistleblower

On May 7, 2015, OSHA obtained a preliminary injunction in a Section 11(c) whistleblower case barring Lear Corporation from further retaliating against the whistleblower, Kimberly King. The injunction is a significant win for whistleblowers because the court’s order broadly construes the scope of protected whistleblowing to include disclosures to the media, and it signals OSHA’s stepped up …

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