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Employers: Twitter is Going Crazy Over #InternationalMensDay Hashtag

Social Media Tweet Birds Tweeting

This will be a short post. Earlier this week we posted an article that discussed the need for employers to stay on top of what is trending on the Internet. Why? Because trending topics can sometimes lead to controversial discussions that might not be consistent with an employer’s EEO Policy. As a result, we explained …

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Facebook: Second Circuit “Likes” Employee Rights Under the NLRA

facebook on office wall

Employers should continue to proceed with caution before disciplining employees for their Facebook activity. In Three D, LLC d/b/a Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille v. NLRB, the Federal Appeals Court for Connecticut, New York and Vermont recently upheld a National Labor Relations Board decision that found that one employee’s “liking” another employee’s comments about the terms …

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Employee Fired for Facebook Selfie

A Georgia employee was recently terminated from his position at a marketing firm as a result of a disgraceful Facebook “selfie.” In this case, the employee took a “selfie” with a co-worker’s African American son and uploaded the image as his profile picture. The employee’s picture resulted in a number of Facebook “friends” making derogatory, …

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Biometrics: Facebook Files Motion to Dismiss Privacy Suit over Facial Recognition Technology

facebook BrickWalltop

As discussed in a previous post on facial recognition technology, a putative class action has been filed against Facebook over the collection of “faceprints” for its online photo tagging function, Tag Suggestions.  (See e.g., Licata v. Facebook, Inc., No. 2015CH05427 (Ill. Cir. Ct. Cook Cty. filed Apr. 1, 2015) (the case has been transferred to a …

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Legal Marketing Stats Lawyers Need to Know

White Button with Web Traffic on Computer Keyboard. Internet Concept.

Using market trends to inform your law firm marketing efforts is a must for solos and small firms that have limited budgets and resources to market their firms. Google recently aggregated research from FindLaw and its own inhouse data to provide a look at the legal market trends that should shape your legal marketing initiatives: …

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