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DOD Issues Interim Rule Addressing New Requirements for Cyber Incidents and Cloud Computing Services

Cyber Security Keyboard

On August 26, 2015, the Department of Defense (DoD) issued an interim rule that imposes expanded obligations on defense contractors and subcontractors with regard to the protection of “covered defense information” and the reporting of cyber incidents occurring on unclassified information systems that contain such information.  Nearly three years in the making, this interim rule replaces the …

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Part II: Legal Insights on Ashley Madison Hack

As more names emerge from the dark web data dump of Ashley Madison customers, lawyers around the globe have found a very willing group of would-be plaintiffs. Interestingly, all of these plaintiffs are named “Doe,” which must only be a coincidence, and certainly has nothing to do with the backlash that certain well-known ALM clients have …

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Legal Insights on the Ashley Madison Hack: Part I

computer office man dispair

Internet commenters and legal analysts alike are buzzing about the Ashley Madison hack. The website — which billed itself as a networking site for anyone who wanted to discretely arrange an extramarital affair — has already been named in several class action lawsuits, with claims ranging from breach of contract to negligence. As more names are …

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Reasonable Expectation of Privacy: Are You Free To Eavesdrop on Pocket Dials?


Most people have experienced a “pocket dial” – be it as the sender or receiver – and some have found themselves in embarrassing situations as a consequence.  But should people reasonably expect that conversations overhead during a “pocket dial” call are private and protected? Should the recipient feel obligated to end the call?  The Sixth …

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U.S., U.K. Governments Seek Cyber Innovations from Private Sector

Small flags of Great Britian and the United States in a stand on a white background. See more flags from this series in my portfolio.

The private sector is likely to produce critical cyber innovations—at least, that is what the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) and the U.K. Centre for Defence Enterprise (“CDE”) would like to see. In the United States, although the internet may have been invented at DARPA, DARPA is turning to a private sector competition to protect …

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