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A Continued Examination of Charitable Patient Assistance Programs Part Seven in a Series: Charitable PAPs: Donations and Transparency 2013-09-03

In today’s challenging health care environment, Charitable Patient Assistance Programs (Charitable PAPs) have emerged to meet the needs of the nearly 30 million Americans that are underinsured and have difficulty paying out-of-pocket medical costs. As potential donors make strategic decisions to invest in Charitable PAPs, there are many elements that must be considered to ensure compliance …

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Poor Help: Audit Says Legal Aid Boss Charged Taxpayers for Club, Car

From the featured guest bloggers from the Center for Public Integrity. John Solomon and Laurel Adams share some insight on how federal tax dollars meant for legal aid for the poor took a detour down in the Bayou State.  The head of a Louisiana legal aid group funded by the federal government routinely dined at …

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