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Social Media Marketing for Lawyers: What It Can Do for You, How to Do It Right

Many attorneys I talk with want to know if social media will deliver real value for the investment in time and effort that it takes to develop and implement a social media marketing program. Here is what I tell them: Social media will help you build trust, but it will not make a “bad” reputation …

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I’ve Never Seen ANYTHING Like This Law Firm’s Holiday Card. Never.

I’ve ranted about and railed against boring or clichéd holiday cards for decades, yet nearly every day in December another one or two (or ten) bland and politically correct cards featuring snowy landscapes or skylines, ice skaters, or children’s holiday artwork arrive, unsigned, in my mailbox.  <Open. Glance. Toss.> Today’s mail, however, was pretty interesting.  I received just two cards, juxtaposed below. …

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