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5 Tips for Personal Injury Attorneys Opening a Mass Tort Practice

Traffic on interstate

Attorneys nationwide are joining the trend to add mass tort claims to their personal injury practice. Based on conservative estimates, two to four million people per year are seriously or fatally injured in mass tort cases. Most mass tort cases are product liability cases against pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Other types involve airplane crashes, …

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Next week! Join NAWL at their General Counsel Institute – November 5-6 in NYC

Register today! The last several years have brought significant changes to the General Counsel position and for many, a rise of greater prominence within their companies. Large-scale forces are transforming the economics of corporations as they face challenges related to accelerating competition, cost controls, technology development, reporting transparency, and Wall Street’s focus on short-term profit maximization. …

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Three Reasons Why Lawyers Avoid Business Development

Group of business people and men handshake reflected onto table with documents.

One of the scariest things someone can do is to approach an attractive stranger in a bar and begin speaking.  While there are the limited few with nerves of steel who can talk with anyone about anything, the majority of us humans are actually intimidated by this act.  Why are some of us afraid of …

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Attend the Women, Influence and Power in Law Conference, October 28-30 in Washington D.C.

Where: The Capital Hilton, Washington D.C. When: October 28-30, 2015 Register today! The annual Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference offers an opportunity for unprecedented exchange with women outside counsel. This unique event was created with the assistance of an unheralded advisory board comprised of high ranking women General Counsel or direct reports to …

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Legal Bloggers: Strategies for Increasing Your Readership

White Button with Web Traffic on Computer Keyboard. Internet Concept.

So you have a blog. Great! Everyone – from legal marketers to managing partners – has probably told you that writing a regular blog will establish you as a thought leader and drive business development. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Finding a blog on the Internet is akin to picking out a needle from a …

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