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Inflexible Leave Policies under the ADA since Hwang

Since 2009, the EEOC has sued numerous employers who have terminated employeespursuant to an inflexible leave policy, a policy that provides a defined amount of leave and results in an employee’s termination once the employee exhausts that leave.  The EEOC argues that such policies are unlawful because they do not allow for additional leave to …

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Donning & Doffing (Wage Disputes): Old Is New Again

Our Letter of the Law series is focused on current employment law developments, anddonning and doffing wage disputes are anything but “new” to the courts.  The U.S. Supreme Court and Congress were dealing with donning and doffing work clothing and equipment in the 1940s.  (Perhaps that is obvious given that nobody really says “donning” or …

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