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Employers Who Permit After-Hours Work Should Exercise Caution in Light of an Anticipated Increase in Nonexempt Workers

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Following the directive issued in March 2014 by President Obama, the U.S. Department of Labor published a proposed new rule in the Federal Register and is accepting comments through September 4, 2015. The new rule would extend overtime protections to nearly five million workers by raising the minimum salary threshold to $50,440 per year for employees to qualify for “white collar” …

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Recent IT Outsourcing Study Finds Continued Growth Led by Large Organizations

Computer Laptop World Globe

A recently released study assessing current trends in the use of IT outsourcing found that spending on IT outsourcing is rising at a rate in step with IT operational budgets as a whole, led by large organizations (those with IT operating budgets of $20 million or greater) that spend 7.8% of their IT budgets on …

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It’s 2015: Do You Know Where Your Workplace Is? [VIDEO]

Where, when, and how we work has changed profoundly since I started practicing law but employment and privacy laws have not evolved to keep up with technological change and the reality of the “everywhere” workplace. I would like to think that employment lawyers can provide some practical solutions to addressing policies that help draw the line …

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NLRB Calls Out Punt Team and Declines Jurisdiction Over Northwestern University Football Players

Close of football on yard line stripe. American Football

In a mild surprise given the current constitution of the Board (read – majority appointed by President Obama), the NLRB declined to assert jurisdiction in ruling on the petition of Northwestern University’s scholarship football players to unionize.  However, in a display of special teams not seen on a football field in Evanston, Illinois since the …

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Second Circuit: MLB “Fanfest” Properly Treated as Exempt Recreational Establishment

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Last year, Judge John G. Koeltl of the Southern District of New York ruled that individuals who served as volunteers at the 2013 Major League Baseball All Star Weekend FanFest, a four-day event centered around the All Star Game, were not entitled to minimum wage because they were “employed by an establishment which is an …

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