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EB-5 Visas: A Source of Funding for US Businesses But Not Without Risk

China’s wealthy investors are known for seeking secure havens for their money overseas.  In addition to being considered a secure environment for their money, the US offers the EB-5 program providing the investor and his or her immediate family with permanent US residence, known as getting “green cards” in return for making an investment. Basically, …

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FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Issues New Rules on Securities Borrowing, Customer Protection and Callable Securities

  On December 4, 2013 the Securities and Exchange Commission approved rules proposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority regarding securities loans and borrowings, permissible use of customers’ securities, and callable securities. For securities loans and borrowings, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority proposed new Rule 4314, which requires a member firm acting as an agent in a securities lending or …

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