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Patent Practitioners: Inventions and the Ecosystem of Ideas

There are some striking parallels between inventions and living organisms, and between technology in a consumer marketplace and an ecosystem.  Insights gained through the comparisons may be beneficial to inventors, companies, consumers and the patent community.  What are the connections?  To review, living organisms exist in an ecosystem, and flourish or perish according to the …

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Facebook, Inc. v. Rembrandt Social Media, L.P., Granting Request for Rehearing IPR2014-00415

Takeaway: Compliance with Section 42.105(b) regarding service by electronic means or EXPRESS MAIL is not required under Section 42.106(a)(2) in order for a filing date to be accorded to a petition. In its Decision, the Board granted Patent Owner’s Request for Rehearing, but only to revisit the Board’s earlier statement regarding compliance with the requirements for …

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