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Trump Administration Takes First Steps to Support Healthcare Exchanges, but Key Questions Remain

In an effort to stabilize the Exchanges and encourage issuer participation, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently extended the federal Exchange application and rate filing deadlines and published a proposed rule affecting the individual health insurance market and the Exchanges. While issuers will likely see these actions as encouraging signs of the …

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Important New Law in UK Relating to Payment of Insurance Claims

At the moment, English law says that insurers and reinsurers are not under a positive duty to pay valid claims within a reasonable time.  If an insurer/reinsurer delays in paying a claim, or fails to pay at all, an insured/reinsured can only claim the sums due under the policy and interest.  An insured/reinsured cannot claim …

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Hurricane Matthew Insurance Tips for Businesses

With Hurricane Matthew downgraded to a tropical cyclone, it is time for affected businesses, property owners, and insurers to focus on quantifying the amount of damage caused by the storm.  By some estimates, Hurricane Matthew will generation over 100,000 insurance claims and between $4 billion and $7.5 billion in property losses.  Although the focus is typically on …

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Agrees To Pay $30 million To Settle Whistleblower Case Brought Under The California Insurance Fraud Prevention Act

In 1993, the California Legislature enacted the Insurance Frauds Prevention Act (“IFPA”) in a unique effort to combat rampant insurance fraud that was driving up the cost of insurance premiums for citizens throughout the state. In particular, California lawmakers sought to deter fraudulent activity related to automotive insurance, workers’ compensation, and healthcare claims. With regard …

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Uber-Complicated: Insurance Gaps for Rideshare Vehicles Can Create Uncertainty for Passengers and Drivers

employee commuter expenses

Many of us have come to enjoy the convenience of summoning a ride via our Smartphones with a rideshare service company such as Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar.  However, significant issues exist over whether rideshare vehicles have adequate insurance coverage to compensate people injured in accidents involving those vehicles. If one is injured by a Greyhound …

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drone regulation

Drones: Insurance Coverage Issues

With new regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, or drones) and a seemingly never-ending expansion of use cases and attendant sources of liability, drone operators and those concerned about damage caused by drones need to carefully consider the role of insurance. As in other contexts, insurance—if carefully tailored and negotiated—can be an effective risk-transfer tool. …

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Cyber Liability: The Risks of Doing Business in a Digital World

Major security and data breaches have become more prevalent in the past decade. News headlines are dominated by stories of major corporations having networks hacked and subjecting employees’ and customers’ personal, financial and health information to cyber threats. Perhaps one of the following from 2014 will sound familiar: January: Snapchat had the names and phone …

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Football, Brain Injury

Is ‘Loss of Value’ Insurance Worth The Price For Student-Athletes, Universities??

Disability insurance policies are frequently secured by college football players, especially those who expect to be selected in the early rounds of the NFL draft. These policies are typically secured by the player in one or two forms. One option allows players to secure coverage to protect against “total permanent disability”. Such coverage would only …

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Auto Insurers Again Seek Dismissal of In RE Auto Body Shop Antitrust Litigation

In early March, the auto insurer defendants in the In re Auto Body Shop Antitrust Litigation renewed their motions seeking the dismissal of plaintiffs’ action, this time directed at plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint. The insurer defendants urged the Court to dismiss the action with prejudice, maintaining that, despite three attempts, the plaintiff auto body shops …

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Can Business Owners Get Insurance to Cover Losses from Riots, Vandalism and Civil Unrest?

The recent civil unrest in Baltimore, just like the mayhem that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, last year, is a stark reminder that we live in troubled times. While the events that lead to such occurrences are varied, and the societal issues that influence them can be widely debated, one thing is clear – the …

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