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Is ‘Loss of Value’ Insurance Worth The Price For Student-Athletes, Universities??

Close of football on yard line stripe. American Football

Disability insurance policies are frequently secured by college football players, especially those who expect to be selected in the early rounds of the NFL draft. These policies are typically secured by the player in one or two forms. One option allows players to secure coverage to protect against “total permanent disability”. Such coverage would only …

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Auto Insurers Again Seek Dismissal of In RE Auto Body Shop Antitrust Litigation

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In early March, the auto insurer defendants in the In re Auto Body Shop Antitrust Litigation renewed their motions seeking the dismissal of plaintiffs’ action, this time directed at plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint. The insurer defendants urged the Court to dismiss the action with prejudice, maintaining that, despite three attempts, the plaintiff auto body shops …

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Can Business Owners Get Insurance to Cover Losses from Riots, Vandalism and Civil Unrest?

fire (1)

The recent civil unrest in Baltimore, just like the mayhem that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, last year, is a stark reminder that we live in troubled times. While the events that lead to such occurrences are varied, and the societal issues that influence them can be widely debated, one thing is clear – the …

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Are Helmets Required in Pennsylvania and New Jersey?

Traffic on interstate

As most riders know, wearing a helmet is mandatory in New Jersey. Not so in Pennsylvania where anyone 21 years of age or older and has been licensed to operate a motorcycle for not less than two full calendar years OR has completed a motorcycle safety course approved by PennDOT or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation …

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Will Cyberinsurance Cover Target’s $19 Million Mastercard Settlement?

Another credit card in the mail? If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably received a new credit or debit card in the mail, attached by rubber cement to a cover letter explaining that your card number could have been compromised – so you ended up with replacement cards. You might even have received new cards …

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