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In Estate Planning, Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

An August 15, 2014 article, by Robert Wood, in, told how many large companies, such as GM and Merck, pay zero taxes. It told how Apple avoided $9 billion in US taxes in 2012, according to a US Senate Report issued in 2013. In the estate world, billionaires such as George Steinbrenner, the Yankees …

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Tax Court Holds that a Trust can Qualify for the “Real Estate Professional Exception” of Section 469(c)(7)

The Tax Court recently handed down its decision in Frank Aragona Trust v. Commissioner, ruling that a trust can qualify for the real estate professional exception of Section 469(c)(7). By taking into account the actions of the trustees, a trust can be considered to be materially participating in real estate activities. This means that losses …

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