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Substantial OSHA Penalty Increases Are Coming

OSHA penalties are going up.  EPA’s penalties are going up, too.  However, while EPA penalties have been going up modestly every four years to take inflation into account, OSHA penalties have not increased in 25 years.  Maximum OSHA penalties may jump as much as about 78 percent next year.  For a provision quietly tucked away …

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EPA Focuses on Methane Leaks as Climate Change Takes Center Stage

In the September 2015 edition of the US EPA’s Compliance Alert, EPA reported that it and state investigations had identified Clean Air Act compliance concerns regarding significant emissions from storage vessels, such as tanks or containers, at onshore oil and natural gas production facilities. This EPA alert is consistent with the administration’s attention on climate …

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BREAKING: EPA Water Rule Blocked Nationwide By Sixth Circuit

water with a green ball_WIDE

The Sixth Circuit today stayed the effect of the Environmental Protection Agency’s new “Clean Water Rule” nationwide, while the Court of Appeals considers whether it has original jurisdiction to hear challenges to the regulation or whether those challenges should proceed first in the federal district courts.  Among other reasons, the court said staying the Rule …

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EPA Floats Proposed New Enforcement Initiatives for 2017 – 2019

Oil and gas industry - refinery at twilight - factory - petrochemical plant

On September 15, US EPA proposed its National Enforcement Initiatives (“NEI”) for calendar years 2017 through 2019. US EPA develops a set of NEI every three years, focusing federal resources on industries with noncompliance issues on a regional or national scale, where federal attention can make a difference. EPA’s latest proposal would add several new …

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Washington Abuzz as Pope Francis, Xi Jinping Pass Through

meeting with globe

This week, two highly anticipated visits have captivated the attention of the nation’s capital and the world. President Obama welcomed both Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping to Washington, with climate change concerns on top of each agenda. Momentum on the issue will carry into next week as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon …

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