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What 2014’s Continued IPO Surge Means for Clean Tech and Renewable Energy Companies

The year 2014 is on track to be the most active IPO marketin the United States since 2000, with the mid-year total number of IPOs topping last year’s mid-year total by more than 60%.[1] There were 222 US IPOs in 2013, with a total of $55 billion raised, and 2014 has already seen 151 US IPOs, …

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New Transportation Investment Center Boosts P3 (Public-Private Partnerships) Projects: “P3 or Not P3?” That is the Question. Obama Says: “P3.”

  President Obama last week formally embraced the expansion of Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) as a means to fill the gap in public sector transportation financing. Infrastructure developers and project sponsors should look to a planned September 9 summit on infrastructure investment hosted by the U.S. Treasury Department to learn more about how they may gain …

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