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Contract Corner: Key Considerations in Understanding and Negotiating IT Agreements

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When entering into IT agreements with vendors, it is important to understand the type of agreement being negotiated, the services being provided, and who will be using the services within your organization. The category of “IT agreements” generally includes cloud application agreements, service agreements, installed applications, and online presence management. When negotiating IT agreements, the …

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Meeting of the Minds at the Inbox: Some Pitfalls of Contracting via Email

electronic privacy act

This issue comes up regularly when informality creeps into negotiations conducted electronically, bringing up the age-old problem that has likely been argued before judges for centuries: one party thinks “we have a deal,” the other thinks “we’re still negotiating.”  While email can be useful in many contract negotiations, care should be taken to avoid having …

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Contract Corner: Cybersecurity (Part 3)

Over the last two weeks, we discussed contract provisions designed to address the implementation of preventive security measures, as well as responding to security incidents. Our third and final blog post in this series focuses on contractual provisions that address the allocation of liability for breaches that result in security incidents. Because of the potential for large-scale …

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Recent Changes to the Law of Private Construction Contracts – Your Government is Here to Help You Again – Massachusetts

As part of the end-of-session rush at the Massachusetts General Court this summer, significant changes were made to Massachusetts law governing private construction contracts at the urging of general contractor and subcontractor industry groups. Members of the development and lending community were largely taken unaware as the bill moved forward, and unsuccessfully attempted in the …

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Sender Beware: How Your Emails or Letters may be Ruled a Binding Contract

Often when we think of a contract, we think of the multi-page document that is plagued with legal jargon and minuscule print, followed by signature lines, and then sometimes followed by even more documents nicknamed “schedules” or “annexes” that in some way modify or supplement everything in the previous pages. But courts do not necessarily …

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