The ABA Presents: Air & Space Law Catalog

Aviation Regulation in the United States

This book introduces the various institutions that govern aviation in the US and it covers the international framework — legal and institutional, multilateral and bilateral — within which U.S. regulation takes place. Written by a distinguished panel of experts, requirements applicable to every aspect of the aviation industry are clearly explained with citations.

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The ABA Presents: International Humanitarian Law Sourcebook (Law of Armed Conflict)

Now available from the ABA’s Center for Human Rights: International Humanitarian Law Sourcebook (Law of Armed Conflict)

This book is a comprehensive compilation of the major source documents of International Humanitarian Law.  This ready-reference will be invaluable to lawyers, policymakers, military leaders, nongovernmental organizations and academics around the world.

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Check out the ABA’s Business, Human Rights, and Sustainability Sourcebook

Now available from the ABA: Business, Human Rights, and Sustainability Sourcebook

The Business, Human Rights and Sustainability Sourcebook addresses the intersection of human rights law with the conduct of business, in light of sustainability mandates and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

This sourcebook can be used as a standalone reference, or combined into a set as a companion volume with the Center on Human Right’s International Human Rights Law Sourcebook and The International Humanitarian Law Sourcebook.

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The ABA Center for Human Rights Presents: International Due Process and Fair Trial Manual

Now available from the ABA: International Due Process and Fair Trial Manual.

ABA Due Process

Available as a book and an e-book, the Justice Defenders Manual is a relevant resource to provide a concise and clear handbook about human rights and how to defend them.

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Check out the ABA’s International Human Rights Law Sourcebook

The ABA presents the International Human Rights Law Sourcebook.

This extensive volume (alone or as a companion volume with The International Humanitarian Law Sourcebook) is your single-source location for this increasingly important body of law, these volumes will be useful for government, academic, corporate, and legal readers with an interest in the legal regime governing human rights litigation and policy.

The ABA presents: User Guide to HUD’s Previous Participation Review Process (aka “2530 approval”)

Available as an e-book and a hard copy from the ABA available here.

ABA HUD Review Process


The Previous Participation Review is only one component of HUD’s review of an application. Previous Participation Review is generally applicable to multifamily projects and healthcare facilities. This guide explains the key features of the revised process.

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Government Contract Law: The Deskbook for Procurement Professionals, Fourth Edition

The fourth edition of Government Contract Law is a comprehensive, step by step guide through all aspects of federal government contracting and incorporates numerous significant changes in procurement since the Third Edition was published.

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Government Contract LawBased on the Contract Attorney’s course of The Judge Advocate General’s Law Center and School, this valuable deskbook is designed to help you safely navigate the entire federal contracting process — from pre-bidding through award, and on to protest and litigation — with the least risk to your client or company.

Since the last edition, there have been many changes in government contract law.  The executive branch has implemented several policy initiatives through the power of federal contracting, including revised labor policies.  Similarly, Congress has implemented changes, including regulation of contractor business systems, trafficking in persons, and provisions addressing problems that have been identified in the past decade such as perceived misuse of commercial items.  What has not changed is the basic system of acquiring goods and services.

This fourth edition of the ABA’s revisions to the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School’s Contract Law Deskbook, includes updates to references, new chapters (which do not appear in the JAG School’s version) as well as chapter revisions that include material that is useful to contractor attorneys and the private bar.  This edition has been expanded and can be used by military attorneys as well as practitioners who are not a part of the military.

This Deskbook has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court, served as a foundation for numerous continuing legal education materials, and is used daily by hundreds of attorneys.