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Can Business Owners Get Insurance to Cover Losses from Riots, Vandalism and Civil Unrest?

fire (1)

The recent civil unrest in Baltimore, just like the mayhem that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, last year, is a stark reminder that we live in troubled times. While the events that lead to such occurrences are varied, and the societal issues that influence them can be widely debated, one thing is clear – the …

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Supreme Court Calls Out the EEOC for Arguing It Alone Can Determine Whether It Followed the Law

employer  employee dictionary definition

We suggested last year that if you felt paranoid that the federal agencies seemed out to get employers, perhaps it was not paranoia at all. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) spate of recent lawsuits — or at least its apparent haste to sue employers and make examples out of them over such things as …

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