Patents for Financial Services Summit

The National Law Review is pleased to bring you information about the upcoming Patents for Financial Services Summit:

The protection of patents and IP is critical to the financial services industry due to the increasingly competitive marketplace and the growth of patent trolls. You must ensure protection of your own innovation to remain competitive and take great care to avoid infringing on the patents of others. World Research Group’s 9th Annual Patents for Financial Services Summit, which is being held on July 25-26, 2012 in NYC is intended for in-house legal executives to engage in networking opportunities, shared best practices, hear cutting-edge case studies, and discuss new rules and regulations impacting financial services patent policies. This two-day Summit will consist of informative educational sessions and interactive panel discussions led by senior-level patent counsels and experts on patent trends and strategies.

Join our Patents for the Financial Services Summit and benefit from in-depth discussions on ways to grow patent strategies, practical case-studies and interactive panel discussions, featuring experienced and highly knowledgeable IP counsels, regulators, law firms and technology experts.

The 9th Annual Patents for Financial Services Summit addresses key issues and uncovers the latest developments including, but not limited to the following topics:

  • The America Invents Act and its impact on patent procedures and litigation
  • Implementing a successful monetization program to determine the most valuable and effective use of IP
  • Learning the newest updates from recent Supreme Court cases
  • Legal update on the US Patent Office Examination of financial services inventions post-Bilski
  • Aligning your IP department and outside counsel with corporate business objectives to impact the bottom line
  • Effectively managing your legal department activities and budget
  • Ensuring you consistently allocate resources to the right risks or opportunities, including identifying the cases to try and the cases to settle
  • Communicating with outside counsel to ensure an updated knowledge of the ever-changing legal landscape
  • Altering patent protection strategies to account for recent court decisions
  • Social media update on managing control over protected IP
  • Avoiding and managing patent litigation
  • Defending against patent trolls
  • Incentivizing employees and finding new ways to encourage creativity

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