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ICC – Economic Sanctions in the Global Economy

The National Law Review is pleased to bring you information regarding the upcoming ICC Institute’s Economic Sanctions in the Global Economy Conference:

At a time when the global financial crisis has severely impacted trade flows and hampered world growth, what is the effect and the justification for the extraterritorial application of economic sanctions?

The long arm reach of law enforcement agencies sets global companies unprecedented challenges in terms of conflict of laws and regulatory jurisdiction. Dozens of criminal, administrative or regulatory investigations on both sides of the Atlantic are currently targeting billions of dollars worth of commercial transactions and cross-border payments. Penalties in the hundred of millions of dollars are regularly disclosed sanctioning global companies and banks for their past cross-border dealings . What is the right balance between the governments’ objective of moving to a safer world and the business reality? How are judges and arbitrators expected to adjudicate a claim for non-performance triggered by foreign economic sanctions?

Conference highlights
This event is unprecedented in bringing together senior government officials from both sides of the Atlantic and decision makers in global companies as well as their counsel. Speakers and participants have a unique opportunity to discuss in an open public-private forum the regulators’ approach towards economic sanctions and the expectation of industry leaders as to how sanctions could be better conceived and applied.

Who should attend?

Lawyers, compliance officers, bank executives, general managers, payment and treasury officers in companies and banks, government officials and academics.

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