2012 Launching & Sustaining Accountable Care Organizations Conference

The National Law Review is pleased to bring you information on the Launching & Sustaining Accountable Care Organizations Conference will be a two-day, industry focused event specific to CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, Vice presidents and Directors with responsibilities in Accountable Care Organizations, Managed Care and Network Management from Hospitals, Physician Groups, Health Systems and Academic Medical Centers.

By attending this event, industry leaders will share best practices, strategies and tools on incorporating cost-sharing measures in a changing healthcare landscape to strengthen the business model and ensure long-term success.

Attending This Event Will Enable You to:
1. Understand the initial outcomes and lessons learned from launching ACOs, with a focus on how to sustain these partnerships in the future
2. Hear from the early adopters of ACOs or similar cost-reducing partnerships and understand their initial operational and implementation challenges.
3. Learn about the final regulations regarding ACOs and their impact on those who want to initiate the formation process
4. Gain a clear understanding of regulatory issues and accreditation processes
5. Conquering initial hurdles for establishing an ACO
6. Gain knowledge from newly-formed ACOs
7. Ensure longevity by establishing a robust long-term plan

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