Supreme Court Grants Cert. In Caraco

Posted yesterday at the National Law Review by Warren Woessner of Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A. deatils about the U.S. Supreme Court’s grant of certiorari in Caraco Pharm. Labs., Ltd., v. Novo Nordisk:   

Today (June 27, 2010), the Supreme Court granted cert. in yet another patent appeal, Caraco Pharm. Labs., Ltd., v. Novo Nordisk, (Supreme Ct. 10-844). Earlier this month, I did an extensive post on the decision below, in which the Fed. Cir. denied Caraco’s counterclaim seeking to strike the broad “use code” that Novo had put on its drug, Prandin (U-968). Even though Caraco would market the generic for a narrower use, the broad use code effectively prevented Caraco from “carving out” the still-patented use(s) from its labeling, thus effectively keeping it off the market.

I took a chance by posting on this one because the Solicitor General’s office recommended review and there was a strong dissent below. However, when the appeal started getting some attention in the press – though the issues were often mischaracterized – it began to look more likely that cert. would be granted. I am not so sure that the Fed. Cir.’s recent streak of affirmances will be left intact.

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