Feb. 25th Deadline Approaching for March Publication for the National Law Review Student Legal Writing Contest

Everybody’s talking about how abysmal the job market is for law students – why not build your resume while still in school?  Young lawyers are under increasing pressure to start thinking about business development activities earlier than ever in their careers.  One tried and true way of building one’s professional reputation is by publishing.  One sure way to get noticed and to help others is to write  in a style which is helpful and educational to prospective clients.  The National Law Review is one of the nation’s premier resources for secondary legal analysis for businesses and in the Spring & Fall we offer students the opportunity to submit consumer-friendly articles for publication

The winning articles will be published online starting March. The top article(s) chosen will be featured on the NLR home page and will remain in our searchable database for up to two years. 

Please note that although students are encouraged to submit articles addressing Intellectual Property Law for the March publication, you  may also submit entries covering current issues related to other areas of the law.  Please spread the word !!! Thanks!

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